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EPF Forms: How to Download Provident Fund Forms Online?

EPF Forms Online

Employees Provident Fund Organization has prescribed various EPF forms. The forms are used to claim PF withdrawal by the employees. Many other formalities related to PF also require forms. To make the procedures easy for you, we have shared here a list of all the forms. Know which form you should use as per your need. All the EPF forms are available on the official portal of EPFO. Employees can easily download any form online free of cost. The forms are also available at any EPF office. We have already posted on online procedures of claiming PF. This particular information gives you an insight into the different formats related to EPF. Also, refer our site for knowing PF balance status, tax on withdrawals, and other benefits.

To download any of the available EPF forms, you need to visit the forms section of the EPF site. We have shared the appropriate link to the forms section. Employees provident fund gives financial security to the senior citizens after retirement. Hence EPFO is encouraging employees to transfer the accounts while changing job. You will also get the form used to transfer PF account from the previous employer to the new one. Click the given link and obtain the EPF forms for the claim, UAN, and EPF transfer.

EPF Form

How to Download PF Forms

Employees may require EPF forms for various reasons like early withdrawals. You may also finance your LIC policies using the relevant form.

Click here to reach the form download section. You will see a list of all the below mentioned forms. Give a click on the ‘Download’ option below the relevant form. You can save the form in PDF format. Following are the EPF forms required to claim PF and for other PF related procedures.

  • Form 19

This is the major form used to withdraw your entire PF amount. Employees need to claim PF after retirement or after leaving service.

EPF Form 19

  • Form 10C

Form 10C is should be submitted with other forms i.e. Form 19 and Form 20. Settlement of PF under the old pension fund is made using this form. It is also used to withdraw provident fund under New Pension Scheme. It is required if the applicant is below 58 years.

  • Form 13

Whenever you change job, you need to transfer your PF account to the new company. Form 13 is one of the EPF forms to transfer PF account.

  • Form 14

The EPFO also allow employees to fund their LIC premiums using the PF amount. Apply for financing your LIC policies using Form 14.

  • Form 10-D

Form 10-d is a pension form. The pensioner himself or his/her nominee can apply for the pension using this form. If the nominee is applying, Form 2 is also necessary along with Form 10-D.

  • EPF Form 20

In the case of the pensioner’s death, his/her family member can claim the PF amount. Form 20 is for this purpose. Necessary documents are required with the Form 20. Essential documents are birth certificates of the relatives of the deceased and death certificate of the deceased.

  • Form 31

An application procedure is prescribed to obtain loans and advance amounts from your PF amount. However, the loans from PF account is given only for marriage, house improvement, and medical reasons. An employee can apply for a loan using form 31. It is also known as advance PF withdrawal form.

Other PF Application Forms

We have already shown you the list of major EPF forms. Here are some additional provident fund related forms.

  • Form 5 (I.F) – To be submitted by a person who is eligible to receive the PF dues in the case when the PF member dies while in service.
  • Form 1 – This form is submitted by the PF members. The form is for releasing PF dues to the nominees. The form also contains details of the family members.
  • Form F-9 – This form is a declaration submitted by an employee while taking up job in a company where PF is active.

Generally, the employees are often looking for EPF claim form and PF transfer form. You can also withdraw PF using UAN number. The process of withdrawal can be very simple if you link your UAN number with your aadhar card number.

The above list of EPF forms cover all the forms required by the employees. The form to claim PF generally requires your PF account number. Other details cover your bank account no. and your bank details. The form will also include the date of joining service and leaving service. If you are applying for PF withdrawal, we recommend you to go through our post PF withdrawal form online. Find complete guidelines to withdraw your provident fund amount. You will also learn all the EPF rules related to withdrawals and tax-exemptions.

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